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The Effects of Addiction on the Family

The Effects Of Addiction on the Family

Family members can be powerful allies in the recovery process. And while a person is in treatment, it is the perfect time to involve family members. During the course of their loved one’s care, family members may begin to recognize their own non-productive behaviors. These behaviors might have developed while trying to cope with addiction in the family. Perhaps family members have spent so much time putting the addict in the family first, they have forgotten how to prioritize themselves.

It is often the case, that as family members try to help their loved find healing, they lose control over their own behavior. And their lives become unmanageable. For many family members, accepting their loved one’s changing behavior in early recovery is sometime difficult. They are at a loss as to where their responsibilities lie. What is their new role? Often, as contrary as it may seem, they don’t feel needed anymore.

Many family members are not practicing self-compassion. Nor have they for a long time. And they may have developed negative physical, psychological and social symptoms as a result of trying to adapt to the stressful living conditions that take place when a loved one is actively using.

GATES Recovery Center helps them define their new roles as they move forward. Also, the program gives family members the tools they need, to handle the inevitable bumps on the road to recovery.

GATES Meetings for family

Tuesday 7:00-830 pm

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