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Keys to Replenishing

We discover the following keys to unlocking the replenishment anointing that is in you.

1. Go Look! When in need, don’t look at what you don’t have, look for what you do have, even if it seems insignificant. Celebrate the small, for it might be the catalyst for your miracle.

2. Cultivate Expectation and prepare for your miracle. Jesus began to seat the crowd in groups of fifties and hundreds. The widow at Zarephath baked the prophet’s bread from her last bit of flour and oil. The widow Elisha had ministered to went out and got vessels in order to prepare for her miracle.

3. Be Heavenly Focused. The natural earthly dimension does not contain your miracle. The miracle realm is God’s heavenly dimension visiting the earth. Set your mind on the supernatural. Whatever you focus on, you will empower!

4. Bless Your Provision. Proclaim blessing over your provision. Do not curse it with negative words, murmuring, or complaining.

5. Keep Giving. When in need, never withhold. A withholding spirit will cut off your supply. Keep giving in faith, with expectation for replenishment and increase.

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