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 Directors and Founders
Charlie-RC, Pastor and Kathie Saari CRSW, Pastor

Heres our Story...

Charlie and Kathie Saari are from a small town in southern New Hampshire, USA. In 2012 the Saari's founded Gates Recovery Center Ministries. They are Pastors and Recovery Coaches bringing the truth of Jesus and the love of the Father to those struggling with addictions.


They have been in ministry for over 45 years and their heart is for the is lost, brokenhearted, hurting and the addicted.

Together Charlie & Kathie have a story to share. For 15 years their youngest son, struggled on and with addictions. Through this time the Holy Spirit began showing them how to pray for their son until he returned home healed.  Soon they had other parents of prodigals coming to join them and hear what God taught them. Their  hearts grew in faith as God answered their prayers.


Gates Recovery Center now has nine Recovery Coaches and offers  many valuable resources and recovery supports to help families, and those struggling with addictions.

Gates Recovery Center offers  inner healing  to heal the soul and reduce and heal trauma.


Charlie and Kathie travel to speak at other churches and organizations throughout the USA and abroad sharing their model of recovery and after care.

Their heart is to help bring hope and freedom to the hopeless and to release the love of the Father. 

Gates Recovery Center
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Meeting Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

 Monday Meeting
7-8 PM

MAT Therapy Groups


Gates Recovery hosts Better Life Partners 

Call 603.563.0837 for a brief
 phone assessment and to get enrolled.


Tuesday Meeting
7-8 PM

Praise and Worship:

Coming together with singing

and praise to God.

Sharing Time:

Share your good news of the week!

Support Groups:

Men, Women & Family Members


Thursday Meeting
7-8 PM

AA Meeting - 12 Step Fellowship

All are welcome.


Additional Recovery Support Services...

Gates Life Classes

Wednesday as announced

21 Day Brain Detox, Nutrition,

Financial Success, Parental Support,

Co-Dependency, Exercise Therapy,

Art Therapy, Relationship Building,

Decision Making, Personal Integrity, Identity,Coping with Grief &  Loss.

Recovery Coaching

Pastoral Ministry

Wellness Plans, Goal Plans

by appointment.

Call: 603- 801-8125

Emotional and Trauma Inner Healing Ministry
For Spirit, Soul and 

By appointment

603- 801-8125


 Stories of Healing

Last night at the group we all prayed for this young mans upcoming detox.

To his surprise he was able to detox with barely any pain at all!

God is so good!  If God did it for him, then He can do it again

for you!


Gates is 100% donation-based non-profit ministry

Our Mission

Love God. Love People.

End Addiction

We want to see addiction

come to an end!

Gates is helping those struggling with pain to be healed and free.

Families Restored

We want to see more families healed and restored.


Please consider making a

one-time or recurring donation. Your love gift matters. 

God Bless you!


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